Anonymous: I don't think any girl is against feminism, but maybe Tumblr feminism? I think a lot of people are scared to admit that they want straight-up equality, not revenge and then equality

I just think people have the incorrect view of it sadly :///

Anonymous: "no means no"

saying no when the correct answer is yes is still wrong lol


Most brilliant anti-feminist quote I have read to date.

this is such silliness….most people who are opposed to feminism aren’t very educated on what feminism actually is, are purposefully ignorant, or are jerks.

i definitely do not agree with attacking people who vocally aren’t feminists (also, twitter is a bad space for discussion) and i understand being hesitant to some mainstream feminism because of its exclusion of women of color/other groups but as a general rule opposing feminism has hurt women instead of liberating them

Liam’s first day being touched by humans led to all sorts of marvelous expressions and reactions.

I ask my sister what to wear to the Beyoncé concert and this is what she sends me


The man entered his home and was absolutely delighted when he discovered someone had stolen every lamp in the house.

  • me: *sends email to favorite undergrad professor asking if we can hang out*
  • me: *throws laptop across the room in anxiety and regret*
Anonymous: qué genial que como nativa estadounidense tengas la oportunidad de adentrarte al idioma español ya desde pequeña, porque tengo entendido que es un idioma muy difícil de aprender, así que se puede decir que tuviste suerte en haber empezado a crecer ya siendo bilingüe

si se que tuve mucha suerte :’) pero español no es muy difícil, he aprendido turco y era mas dificil que español!

Anonymous: hola :) sos originaria de méxico? es decir, tus padres son de ahí? aprendiste español en tu casa o de forma particular, en alguna academia o algo similar?

mi papa es de mexico si, pero mi mama es de los eeuu y es pura gringa hahaha. yo nací en los eeuu y he vivido aquí por toda mi vida. aprendi español en casa y en mi escuela :)

peculiarchildren: ok personally i think i'm agnostic now but thats beside the point of this message my issue with atheists who shove it in other people's faces is that it means literally NOTHING to them like if you really don't believe in God or anything WHAT is the point of saying it and fighting people on it just let it be if you really don't care. i refused to ever mention religion in high school mainly bc it was a catholic school, if someone asked me i would tell them i was atheist but like don't go around

i don’t see the point in an atheist trying to “”convert”” religious people.. ESPECIALLY like “good” religious people like they’re doing nothing wrong except believing that there is something overwhelmingly good in the world like what is the point of trying to say that there isn’t why not just let everything be idk if any of this makes sense it just gets me so mad and makes me think of this one kid i went to school with who would fight kids on it he wears fedoras

I love you so much Joe you are honestly the greatest omg

also I would fight that fedora-wearing child

Anonymous: it's not like i approve of that either. I'm against any kind of discrimination. i'm just saying that i dont see the point in, let's say, ''insulting'' white people, when you are against these kind of things yourself. (and i'm not here to fight, im just trying to make a point)

Well, you’re barking up the wrong tree here tbh. I don’t make jokes about straight or bi people, I’m not gay and it’s not my place to call people out on that. I don’t even usually make white jokes, I just call out oppression when I see it.

Sometimes you have to realize that if the worst thing that can happen to you is having hurt feelings, you’re still coming out on top. For example, I’m a cis girl. I see cis jokes on my dash all the time but I realize that I’m not gonna get beat up or not get a job because I’m cis, whereas trans people are far more likely to. So I don’t mind the jokes. I don’t understand why other people (straight, white, etc.) can’t hear the jokes, recognize their privilege, and move on.

Why is it that every time I open a packet of skittles, there is never a single red skittle? This is the reason for the downfall of society.

Anonymous: these white people jokes/insults are getting really old and annoying and are as stupid as bisexuality and heterosexuality jokes which i've been seeing a lot around here lately

You know what else is getting old? Racism and homophobia

Anonymous: I think one of the most annoying things in the world is how white atheists ~as intellectual as they are~ are completely ignorant to the history and culture behind PoC and religion and blatantly refuse to acknowledge racial subtext when speaking on thing like what you just mentioned.

This is exactly what I mean, thank you for wording it so well!


It can be hard for atheists to draw the line between highlighting problems with religion/giving informed criticism and being disrespectful to others’ beliefs, but sometimes people step so far over that line that it’s like… you must know that you’re being an unhelpful asshat.