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it’s something shane claiborne started hahaha. he wants to make it real eventually but not enough funds yet or something like that haha. http://www.patheos.com/blogs/formerlyfundie/driscoll-scholarship-fund-for-women-in-ministry/

i googled scholarships for women in ministry bc i’m poor and the first result was the ‘mark driscoll scholarship fund for women in ministry’ and now im crying in a corner

i’m gonna sue the state of california for allowing it to be 100 degrees in october

Idk why this is at a Korean bakery but I’m obsessed

i cant believe its only tuesday how am i supposed to get through 3 more days of this 


If you tweet about how lame women’s sports are you automatically wear metal mulisha gear and DC shoes

God is love.

i just KNOW i’m gonna end up being a cool professor with a chili pepper on ratemyprofessor.com someday



We were teaching the kids about how Moses parted the Red Sea and one of them goes “Moses was a WATER BENDER!!!”

I kind of love this. Exodus AU where the Hebrews are water benders (notice Jochebed entrusts her son to the water) and the Egyptians are earth benders. Moses is the water bender raised among earth benders, and he rediscovers and reclaims his abilities, culminating in the Red Sea moment.

if we wanna get really technical, let’s consider the fact that god appeared to moses in a burning bush, that moses let the israelites around the desert for 40 years, and that moses ascended a mountain in the clouds to be with the lord - signifying fire, earth, and air, respectively

thus we can conclude that moses is the avatar, although we all know that the true avatar is fulfilled through jesus who is the avatar who returned to save the world

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i was at this mall in jakarta and there was this turkish ice cream stall and my friend was repeatedly jabbed in the crotch and it was the greatest thing thats ever happened in a mall.

this is the best thing i’ve read all day omg. thank you so much for this.

Anonymous: aha that ice cream video is so funny! while in turkey, did that happen to you too?

yes! it’s a tradition and so it’s normal and expected :) you go there for the experience, not just the ice cream. and if you dont wanna wait there are plenty of basic ole gelato places where that doesnt happen. 


Halloween costume idea: dress up as your URL

this is a bad idea