Weekend concerts continue here at the Getty with our Garden Concerts for Kids this Saturday and Sunday.

Humanity has enjoyed live music in gardens for centuries. And kids should be in on the fun.

Music in the Garden in Romance of the Rose, French, 1405. The J. Paul Getty Museum


Beyoncé being Beyoncé.

I really miss bts stuff like this

Anonymous: i need some advice... i was supposed to be entering my 3rd year of college. my first 2 years i was studying nursing. i decided this past spring i didn't like it anymore so this semester i decided to try interior design. yesterday was my 2nd day and i basically had a mental break down. i just knew interior design wasn't for me. so i dropped all my classes because they were all for interior design. i just don't know what to do with my life... and it's really stressing me out. help?

take classes that interest you!!!! just random ones. like, take astronomy or theater appreciation or european history. find out what you’re passionate about and go from there. don’t rush it, because you’ll regret studying something that you’re not passionate about. you’ll figure it out! :)

Anonymous: Do you think America is one of the countries that is the most racists?

Idk????? Racism is not a contest lol and I’ve only lived in 2 places so

Anonymous: hi! i hope you don't mind me asking this, but why did you go to turkey? was it through your school or was it just a personal visit? my dad's grandmother was born and raised there and i've always wanted to visit and i'd just love to learn more about it in case i ever get the chance to go :)

This summer I went for a personal visit, but I lived there before when I was a teenager! You should definitely go if you get the chance! It’s my favorite place in the world :)

Anonymous: is turkey European? are turks white?

turkey is literally 3% europe 97% asia. some turks may be white due to immigration etc but most aren’t. but if we’re talking about turkey as a country, they don’t see race the same way as america does, so it’s different there.


…nope, I have no explanation. 

Luka, 7 months old, exposing his true husky derp.

30 students in this Koine Greek class and I’m the only girl


Why do you always listen to sad songs, when you’re sad? 

So beautiful.

I passed a guy driving a really nice car with a my little pony sticker on the back

Anonymous: do you know of any songs that has lyrics that relate to what is happening in the world and how to make a positive change? it can be an old song or new one! i'm just curious

Embarrassingly all I can think of is changes by 2pac or where is the love by the black eyes peas hahaha

I pronounced tamale like a white person and immediately regretted my decision

First day of grad school was AWESOME and idk why I was ever nervous!!!!


Film masterpost highlighting the stories of women of color. Representation of women of color in film is quite scarce, so here are some films I think showcase a wide range of perspectives and experiences that we don't get to see on our movie screens. 

Women of Color in Dramas

Women of Color in Friendship/Family films

Women of Color in RomComs

Young Girls of Color

Queer Women of Color