Even after working out I still look pretty good without makeup 😊



A vintage Eid card from 1950s Pakistan.

liftedeyes replied to your post: anonymous said:Do you not like al…

someone ‘complained’ to my brother about white people once because they thought he was mexican and he just looked at them and was like “dude. my entire family is white” and it messed that kid up. and your reply reminded me of that. NOT RELEVANT SORRY

omgggg i’m so guilty of this hahaha. usually to greeks or italians or someone with some native american ancestry haha. 😁

Anonymous: i think 50 shades focuses on mayo jars because the author of the book wrote it about her own sex life and her and her husband are both white but yeah i see where you're coming from

Well she actually wrote it as erotic twilight fanfiction and got it published so from a literary perspective, it is also trash haha

Anonymous: Do you not like all white people? NOT to be the "reverse racism exists" girl, but I was just wondering if you weren't a big fan of them in general

No not at all my mom is white and a lot my friends are white

It just bothers me when 1) people are racist and 2) when shows/movies/other media with a nearly all white cast gets more attention than media with people of color, if that makes sense :) basically I hate the system, not individuals!

50 shades of grey sounds so uninteresting. how about 50 shades of brown, a thrilling tale about the constantly changing color of my skin this summer?



i’m never moving

but if you’re gunna die evan, do it Disney-style.


'nobody has ever actually died in indiana'. completely true. the rest of y'all will die from dinosaur rodeos and poetry slams and we'll still be here.

Even after working out I still look pretty good without makeup 😊

Anonymous: omg stilessassylinski(.)tumblr(.)com/post/92882446138

omg yeah I’ve seen that!! Tyler Posey is the light of my life 😭

I just ran 3 miles and honestly my main inspiration to keep going was when I ran into a flying beetle around mile one.

  • scott: werewolf
  • malia: werecoyote
  • kira: kitsune
  • lydia: banshee
  • parrish: fairy, probably