Anonymous: Why do you hate Amy, if you don't mind me asking?

man o man

okay, i HATE how her character is some spunky fearless totally unique and most important gurl in da universe!!!!1!! no really, please tell me more moffat. thank you for using the most overdone female trope ever.

i will never forgive her for trying to kiss the doctor, (especially for the time on her wedding day) 1) the first time she tried to kiss him IS in fact sexual assault because he said NO and she kept going and her impulses are NO EXCUSE FOR IT and 2) i am so so so so sick of companions falling in love with the doctor. i am trying not to gag at prolonged love triangles, especially when two are engaged/married!!!!

i loathe how she has become the center of the show, when it’s supposed to be about the Doctor.

and i hate how my male friends only watch for “the sexy girl” and don’t even know her freaking name.


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