livvy-blackthorn replied to your post: guys guys guys college is really fucking easy half…

this really means a lot, thank you so much. I’m starting soon and I couldn’t be more terrified.

don’t be scared literally the worst part is the first week trying to memorize where all your classes are because you’re like UGH THESE PEOPLE CAN TELL IM A FRESHMAN OMG and also ACTUALLY WALKING INTO A ROOM FOR THE FIRST TIME ESPECIALLY WHEN YOURE LATE AAAAH but I have panic issues so that might just be me but seriously it’s not bad, and you can leave without asking which is glorious

bloodbenders replied to your postguys guys guys college is really fucking easy half…

you’re the first person who i’ve heard say that… my friend just told me to ‘drop out while you still have the chance’ haha

I hope they were joking ahah because college is awesome. i mean, it’s not for everyone, some people want to do other things that don’t require university training and that’s okay. but no, college isn’t that difficult, until you get into your junior/senior classes, but yeah, idk I love it all ahah :’)

  1. lareinadecorazones said: New college students, RateYourProfessors.Com will be the best thing to ever happen to you in the next 4+ years. Sometimes, you’ll have profs that have a vendetta against the world and no amount of studying will help you. RYP may help bypass that.
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